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Creative & digital

At Desuals, we design Icons through Visuals.

Desuals is a creative marketing agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology.

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About us
Fresh ideas for every business

Desuals, a creative marketing agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology.

“At Desuals, we design Icons through Visuals.”

We believe that every brand and every person has the potential to become a real Icon. Our way of helping you or your brand is to create Visuals adapted to you and the image you want to show. 

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Best solution
for business

Logos, (web-) Designs,  Resumes, Photos and Video-clips, we are determined to give you the excellence you deserve.

Whether you need just one part of what we do, or whether you need an end-to-end solution, we’ll be happy to see with you what’s best for you.

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Jinzu white logo
Content Creator in Video Games

“I had the pleasure to work with Desuals for the logo of my project related to video games. At first, I wanted to do the logo design by myself. However, when I reached out to Desuals, they helped me to identify the key informations I wished to show and I was able to rest on them, knowing that I was in good hands. To my amazement, they grabbed the main characteristics so well that the logo had everything. We were still able to exchange on it so they could explain all the things the logo included and how it was thought specifically for me. They then delivered a high-quality result.

I would recommend them and their services without hesitation. “

Christine C.
Young person who was in job research

“I already knew Desuals’ work, professionalism, and efficiency before. Therefore, I did not have any doubt when I decided to hire them to do my Resume. I know the importance and change that a simple CV can have on my job research and I had already seen that Desuals’ CV are design, fresh and realized exactly for one’s image and needs. The perfect window for job opportunities.”

Fitz stylist logo white - Visual Agency
Zahid Fitz
Fitz Stylist
Hair-dresser & Make up artist

“Desuals have been a real breakthrough for me. I came across their work, searching for a company to help me create my Stylist image through a logo. They have really been able to grasp the identity I wanted for my hair-dressing and make-up Brand. I was in awe, that they actually used my signature as an inspiration to identify my brand because of how important my indentity is to me.
It has been such a pleasure to work with them, because they really listen to their clients and make the best out of their feedback. I would gladly recommend them time and time again.”

2021.02.07 Close-up with Desuals
Musician & Model

I knew of their work before and liked what I had seen. So when I was looking for someone to help with an album cover project I knew exactly who to use.
They are friendly and are easy to work with. The shoot, selecting of the image I was looking for, and the over all design was done like a partnership, with myself and them discussing ideas.
I am definetly going to be using them for other projects and look forward to working with them again. Friendly and professional all the way.

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Trusted from our clients
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