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Do you want to give up?

Wanting to give up a project is completely normal.


Imagine you start a project. You start planning it and you estimate that it will take at least one year to realize it. At first, you feel motivated and inspired about your amazing idea. You see all the potential gain you may take from it and you see only positive going your way. Why would you see negative points? Indeed, your project is coming from your creative and inspired mind. You may see 1 or 2 challenging point but nothing can stop you. After a while though, it is easy to feel at least one time the following emotions: frustration, disappointment, questioning, feeling like it is too much effort, it is not worth it, it is impossible, too hard. 

Should you give up?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

1 Do you really want to do it, is it really important for you?

2 Do you have a real “Why”? 

3 Do you have a precise vision? not seeing only positive sides?

4 Can you define temporal and quantitative objectives?

The main difference between people who succeeded and people who did not is that they did not give up, even when they failed.

They learned.

This is only a mindset difference!
This is only a mindset difference!
This is only a mindset difference!
This is only a mindset difference!
This is only a mindset difference!

So, should you give up ?

What to do with this feeling of giving up then?

When you feel like giving up, it is usually after what you will consider being a failure in your attempt to realize what you wanted. 

A failure is fixed to an attempt at a specific time with a specific method. Therefore, you can try to look at what was wrong this specific time and with this specific method. And learn from it. 

If the mistake is recurring, it can mean that you just need time to learn the lesson: no child knows how to walk on the first attempt. The same is especially true for experts. However, if you do not feel satisfied with your learning curve, you can also try to see if your learning method is to be improved.

Moreover, when facing a failure, it is rewarding to ask yourself:


For example, you can share your experience on social media or as a teacher how to spot and prevent the mistake you made. Share your new techniques and experiences and you will no longer see this failure as a bad thing. As a result, you may even enjoy failing!

So, should you give up ?

Have a very good day and good luck on your next creation!

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